If you lose control of the bell don’t try to save it because it won’t try to save you

Check your line of fire. This is something that amazes me with people all the time. I don’t care where I train some idiot always tries to walk right in front of me when I’m in the middle of a set of swings, snatches, or jerks. This is where kettlebell men and women have to be aware. Other people don’t think so you must think for them. Make sure that your line of fire is clear when engaging in your lifts. Once again, no one wins the battle against the bell.
5. Do not wear gloves. This is something that I can’t break away from. The point of any true weightlifting program is being able to “feel the weight.” If you are experienced then you know exactly what I am talking about. You can’t feel the kettlebell when wearing gloves. You must overcome the pain by developing rough skin or calluses. Now ladies, don’t panic because calluses can be managed. The same goes for you guys. You can use various hand creams to keep the calluses manageable. You don’t won’t to do away with them because then you make yourself susceptible to more blisters and this will set back your training. Use common sense. Besides ladies are calluses really a big deal when you have the kettlebell body that makes ever head in the room turn and take notice? Think about it.
6. Train hard, but always train smart. Use common sense and follow through on everyone of these rules all the time. NOT part of the time, but ALL of the time!